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Friday, June 24, 2011

i don't know how to explain this feeling..
when you're admire with someone,you will have this feeling to meet him everyday..
and when he give u a good response,he is the reason you smile sorang2..
your friends will teasing you about him..
you write his name on your book,facebook,blog..
and there's always a questions on your head

where are u now?i'm waiting for u..
hmm..what is your real name actually?
what is your fave colour?movie?brand?
do you like k-pop?j-pop?indo-pop?or hindustan-pop?=)
will you take picture with me for a while?
will you marry me?(hahhh..dah extra gatal da)

hmm susah ade feeling mcm nie..
if nak express feeling nie kat dia..
ahh!!!malu taw tak..
diam jelah..
biarlah takdir yg menentu kan..hhaha..skema!


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